Advanced 7th Grade

Advanced 7th Graders taking 8th grade Math Topics

  • Review of pre-requisite topics (integers, scientific notation, properties, order of operations).
  • Algebraic Expressions including translating, combining like terms, monomial operations, polynomials Ratios, Proportions & Percent including rates, scale drawings, similar figures, percent discounts, sales tax, percent change, interest
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Functions
  • Graphing relations and functions, horizontal/vertical lines, slope intercept linear vs. nonlinear, proportional relationships
  • Probability and Statistics including simple probability, graphical and table representation, measure of center and spread.
  • Measurement(area and perimeter and volume)
  • Geometry (angles, triangles)
  • Review for 7th grade state Exam
  • System of Equations(solving by graphing and substitution)
  • Irrational numbers, square and cube roots, Pythagorean theorem, transformations