All pupils being transported are under the authority of the bus driver, and MUST OBEY his/her requests. Specific regulations are posted on each bus. Pupils who refuse to obey the directions of the bus driver promptly or refuse to obey regulations shall forfeit their right to ride on the busses. Students are required to be prepared to board the bus when it arrives and not create a delay for the bus drivers. 

Bus Notes: When students are going to a friend’s house, written notes must be received from both students parent/guardian. If students are going to a relative’s (i.e., grandparents, aunts) house and/or workplace, only one note from the parent/guardian is required. These notes must be handed in to the Main Office prior to homeroom and can be picked up at lunchtime. 

Northern Adirondack Central School provides transportation to and from school and CV- TECH as a privilege to our students. The safety of our students is the primary concern. All guidelines are established to ensure that safety and control by the bus driver is maintained throughout the trip. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner whenever they ride a bus. The following guidelines will be followed:
1. Riders must follow the driver’s instructions at all times. 
2. Riders must remain seated while the bus is in motion. 
3. Riders will keep their hands to themselves. 
4. Riders will speak appropriately, both in volume and in language. 
5. Riders will abide by other guidelines as established by the individual drivers. 

Drivers have been instructed to report misbehavior to the administration and disciplinary action will be taken as follows: 

Disciplinary Action: 

1 st Reported Offense: Sanctions may range from a verbal warning to possible loss of transportation, depending on the severity of the incident. Parents will be notified.

2 nd Reported Offense: Parents notified – verbal reprimand, Detention (1-3 days), Possible loss of transportation (1 – 3 days).

3 rd Reported Offense: Parent conference, Detention, Loss of transportation up to 5 days. 

Subsequent Offenses: Parents notified, Student may lose transportation from one day, up to and including permanent removal from the bus. 

During the time a student is suspended from riding the bus, parents will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school. In cases of extreme misconduct, suspension of bus privilege may take place immediately. 

Julie LeClair - Head Bus Driver 594-7142 ext. 4000
Danny Jarvis - Head Mechanic  594-7142 ext. 4001
Allan Matthews - Mechanic/Bus Driver  ext.4001
Francis McNeil - Mechanic/Bus Driver  ext.4001